Communication during your shoot is critical. That is why we include in our Flypack rentals, the ClearCom Encore Camera Interface. This unit provides 4 discrete Clear-Com to 3- or 4-wire interface circuits.

Four channel interfaces connects Clear-Com to the Flypack’s cameras. These units  have selective partyline capability. Featuring individual transmit, receive, and null controls, as well as transmit level indicators. Switchable mic or line-level output for compatibility. The built-in test jack and test tone provide quick nulling.

For remote productions your on set crew can use the  Encode headsets in the studio to collaborate effortlessly with those in the control room, the back of the set, or offstage. For productions in other  locations that are RF hostile, the intercom’s Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology ensures interference-free communications.

Clear-Com Format

Program Line Input
Input Impedance : >= 1KΩ

Partyline Output
Output Impedance: >10KΩ

Stage Announce/Balanced Line Out
Type: Balanced
Output Impedance: >= 80Ω
Load Impedance: >= 600Ω

Frequency Response
Program Input - Partyline: 200 - 18KHz ± 3dB
Partyline - Line Out: 200 - 18KHz ± 3dB

Max Distortion
Program Input - Partyline: <= 0.2%
Partyline - Line Out: <= 0.5%

Program Input - Partyline: < -85dBu
Partyline - Line Out: < -60dBu

Max Gain
Program Input - Partyline: >= -16dB
Partyline - Line Out: >= 24dB

Min Gain
Program Input - Partyline: <= -20dB
Partyline - Line Out: <= -45dB

Line Out LED Threshold
Green: -7dBu ± 2dB
Red: +5dBu ± 2dB

Partyline LED Threshold
Green: -10dBu ± 2dB
Red: 0dBu ± 2dB

Input Voltage Range: 20-30 VDC
Input Current (Idle): <= 40mA
Input Current (Max): <= 50mA

Rear Panel Connectors
Intercom: (4) XLR-3F (1 per channel)
4-Wire Terminal Block Connectors: (4) Connectors (1 per channel)
4-Wire Transmit Level Switches: (4) Switches (1 per channel)

Front Panel Connectors
Headset: (1) XLR-4M
TS1 Earphone: (1) 3.5mm Jack Socket

Front Panel Controls & Indicators
Green Level LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Red Level LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Link LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Power LED: (4) LEDs (1 per channel)
Null Test Button: (4) Buttons (1 per channel)
Receive Level Adjust: (4) In controls (1 per channel)
Transmit Level Adjust: (4) Out controls (1 per channel)
Nulling Adjust: (12) Null controls (3 per channel)
Channel Link Switch: (3) Link switches (A+B, A+C, A+D)