Large HD Video Flypack Rentals

Master Switching Flypack Details

Our Master Switch Flypack features 2 complete Racks:

1 Switching TD rack
1 Engineering/Shading rack. A matched set that connects with one snake cable.

The Switching Rack features a fully programmable Panasonic HS450 HD switcher, 2 –  26″ LCD monitors integrated into the soft close hinged lids. 5 Rack Mounted Ki-Pro dual drive digital video recorders. Built in Intercom,  2 Channels of Shure Audio mixing, additional gear as needed for broadcast quality HD/SD production. Easy Access patch panel for all inputs & outputs.

The Engineering Rack features a Folsom Image Pro HD and an AJA FS2 for up-conversion and down-conversion needs. Blackmagic VideoHub computer controlled studio router.  Multi Display Leader Waveform/Vectorscope  and Panasonic master CCU controllers for shading.

Master Switch Video Flypack Packages

High End with HPX 3100 – Package Rate
2 Camera $3150/day – ORDER
Mid Range with HPX 500 – Package Rate
2 Camera $2950/day – ORDER
3 Camera $3250/day – ORDER
Low Range with HPX 370 – Package Rate
2 Cameras $2750/day – ORDER
3 Cameras $3000/day – ORDER

Available Camera Details:

HDX 900HPX 3100HPX 370HPX 500

Master Switching Rack - Rack 1
Panasonic HS450 Switcher
2 Channels Shure Audio
3 Panasonic Camera Control Units
26" HD Multi-View Monitor
Open Gear DA
Open Gear Downconversion to SD
10 Channel Clear Com System
Black Magic Studio Routing

Engineering Rack - Rack 2
Folsom Image Pro HD
AJA FS2 for Upconversion/Downconversion
Black Magic Studio Routing
Leader HD Waveform/Vectoscope
26" HD Monitor - Multiview and Quad Split
3 - Panasonic CCU Controllers for Shading
5 - Kipro Rackmount Recorders

Staff Rates - TD Engineer $750
Camera Operators - $550
Load In Labor - $350/day
Drop off Bay Area - $250
Travel - $350/day + Mileage