Mini FlyPacks

Mini Flypack Details

The Mini Flypack features our unique lift off lid with dual HD LCD displays to reduce glare. Panasonic AW HS50 HD Switcher and 2 Ki Pro recorders are integrated for flawless image recording. Shure wireless audio and a UPS 1 hour battery backup is included. Easy access rear panel routing and patch panels give maximum flexibility on location.

Everything you need for 2 or 3 camera mobile HD production is here. Our Mini Flypacks are mounted on a rolling base with easy rolling ballon wheels. Flip the 4 clamps off the rolling base and pick up the entire unit to gain added flexibility in transport or setup. All components are shock mounted.


Mini Video FlyPack Packages

High End with HPX 3100 – Package Rate
2 Camera $1750/day – ORDER
Mid Range with HPX 500 – Package Rate
2 Cameras $1550/day – ORDER
3 Cameras $2050/day – ORDER
Low Range with HPX 370 – Package Rate
2 Cameras $1350/day – ORDER
3 Cameras $1650/day – ORDER

Available Camera Details:

HDX 900HDX 3100HPX 370HPX 500

Panasonic AW HS50 HD Switcher
2 Ki-Pro recorders
Dual 8" LCD HD Monitors
2 Channels Shure Wireless Audio
Battery Backup
Easy Access Patch Bay and Routing