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As soon as we ┬áreceive your request we’ll follow up with a phone call to set the details up.

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Flypack Packages

First choose your Flypack then choose the cameras you want. Note. You can't mix cameras from more than one group

What's Included?

What's Included?

Individual Camera Rentals

Camera rentals include - Vinten Vision 100 Tripods, camera plate, 12 volt power supply, Viewfinder, Lens, PortaBrace soft bag, Tripod Case. Due to how the various cameras use different recording methods, No camera recording media is supplied without specific requests and instructions.

$450.00 each. How many HPX 3100 cameras do you need?
$350.00 each. How many HPX 500 cameras do you need?
$250.00 each. How many HPX 370 cameras do you need?

Other Equipment Requested
Canon C500 EOS Camera$400.00/day. We have one C500 Camera available at this time
Arri Field Lighting Kit 1 - $75/dayArri Field Lighting Kit 2 - $75/dayKino-Flo 4x4 Gaffer Kit - $120/dayKino-Flo DivaLite 400 Kit - $120/dayField Grip Kit - $30/day3'x1.5' Field Flag Kit - $15/day
Fujinon Zoom/Focus Kits - $75/dayCanon Zoom/Focus Kits - $50/dayPanasonic BL 17" HD Monitor - $75/dayPanasonic BL 8" HD Monitor - $75/dayIKAN 7" HD Monitor - $50/daySmall HD 7" HD monitor - $35/dayPower Kit, (2) Batteries, Charger/Adapter - $25/day
Other Information

Thanks! We’ll call to confirm details. If you have any questions please call US at: 925-426-8230