Video FlyPack Rentals

Why Video Flypack Rentals?

If you need a simple, complete and ready to roll video production package, then a Video Flypack rental with a NewTek Tricaster from ICV is the answer. We can deliver these in the Bay Area, or you can pick up and load these into your SUV, truck or van. Self contained mobile video production racks with easy rolling wheels and everything you need already connected and tested.

Atlanta flypack rentals are now available also

Two sizes of Flypacks available for any type of event

Mini FlyPacks – $1350/day and up |  Producer Flypacks – $1750/day and up

ICV Video Flypack rentals

Flypack Rentals for virtual events, meetings and conferences.

Our Video Flypacks are self contained event production packages. Fully integrated with the NewTek Tricaster for turn-key plug and play setup. Our custom designed Bigfoot ATA cases are lockable with large ballon wheels for easy transport.

Full FlyPacks from $1750.00/day

Large Producer Video Flypack rentals come with a folding table attached to the case for extra workspace. We carefully engineered these HD Video Flypacks to be as simple to setup and operate as possible. Preconfigured with easy-access patch bays and generous patching and routing options. The carefully matched equipment makes our Video Flypack rentals flexible yet powerful. Roll them in, plug in your cameras and start your shoot or webcast. Choose from our matched HD Cameras  Panasonic HDX3100 or the AK HC3800 Fiber Cameras, or use your own.

Mini FlyPacks from $1350.00/day

Mini Video Flypack rentals are perfect for any back of the room production or multi-camera event video production. We offer the Mini Flypack with your choice of the HPX 3100, the HPX 500 the HPX 370 HD Cameras for up to 4 camera shoots. Dual KiPro recorders, the AW HS50 Multi-format HD/HD-SDI switcher and dual LCD monitors complete the package. Clearcom audio is included as well. The NewTek Tricaster can be configured to allow even greater flexibility. Load these easily into an SUV or Van. For a small fee we can deliver in the Bay Area, or the metro Atlanta area

We spent months specing gear, custom building the cases, designing the routing and patching and testing. These Flypack Mobile Video Production units are like a production truck in a case. Perfect for your live multi-camera shoot on set and for webcasting.

Webcasting with Video Flypacks

We can set your Flypack up with video encoders using a MacBook Pro Laptop so you can easily produce streaming video live webcasts of  multi-source switched shoots.

We can provide you with the branded Media Portal website where you can stream the video to.  Start shooting, send your webcasting streaming video to a password protected ICV Media Portal web site video player. This allows your clients to share the live webcast with their intended audience while also saving an archive of the video for later viewing online. Ask us about our web development services and streaming video services.

ICV Video Flypack Rentals – Produce any size conference or virtual meeting using our Webcasting platform – Rubicon!